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What MaineCom can do for your business

MaineCom is a Maine leader in designing and constructing private fiber optic or copper cable installations for individual multi-site businesses or Telecommunication providers (ILEC’s, CLEC’s). MaineCom also provides dark fiber leasing and can arrange a variety of bandwidth services DS-1 and above, OC-3 and above, Ethernet handoffs, and more.  We provide no-cost estimates to help you decide your best solution.

Where MaineCom Operates

MaineCom operates throughout much of Southern and Central Maine, including the Bangor area.  We have over 145 miles of aerial fiber (combined private and owned network) over 36 cities and towns and nearly 4.5 miles of underground network facilities in the Portland area.  We have presences in Portland at One City Center, 340 Cumberland Avenue, and 380 Cumberland Avenue and can provide connections to 45 Forest Avenue as well.

MaineCom Service Area

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